Gamer Health ePT

Gamer Health application is world’s first reflective electric personal trainer for professional gamers. Currently under beta testing, but will be launched soon worldwide.

Improving Performance

It is well known that exercise, quality sleep and healthy food boosts brain activity. The capacity for intense and tenacious focus is extremely important in player success, and finding the right compilation of health interventions is crucial. Working with esport players, we use our AI-driven technology to develop the optimal plans supporting the individual and team performance.

Increasing Longevity

Helping players to stay healthy equals a decrease in pains, injuries and mental health problems. Hence maximizing performance simultaneously increases the years players can compete on a top level, opposed to the current state where esport players retire in their mid twenties. We want to be part of a world where players stop competing when they want to, not their bodies. We stand for more time to develop individual skills, team dynamics and the whole scene of esports.

Attracting Sponsors

Gamer Health brings light on the necessity of health in esport. Changing the public picture of the sport opens up new opportunities to connect with sponsors. In addition to the benefits of healthier players and more sponsors, the possibilities arise for affecting the health of fans wanting to become pro. New networks can be created.

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