Welcome to Gamer Health Exclusive Beta

Gamer Health is designed to help teams keep fit, increase performance and sponsorships and display responsibility. Our goal is to have gamers stay on top of their game for years to come and help team management assess and mitigate risks due to stress, poor nutrition, exercise, and sleep. We want to help your fans stay fit as well. As soon as we are ready, you will be able to sell the app to your fans with a shared revenue model.


We have been extremely lucky to start working with SK Gaming this year and have had feedback from them to make our Beta version ready for you.



"I'm really happy about Gamer Health. It gives me a daily plan to follow and helps me keep fit and winning!"

FIFA Player / SK Gaming


"I love the directions Gamer Health is taking our team!"

Coach / SK Gaming

Please do not share this link, we want to give you exclusive service and thus don’t want to overcrowd our service.