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Professional lectures and keynotes worldwide both in Finnish and in English. From 20 minute tidbit to 4 hour full blast knowledge.

Most common speech is about general gamer health: how to be a healthier and a more efficient gamer? This is an evidence-based approach to most common sticking points and health issues of professional esports players and amateur gamers: stamina, focus, physical health and mental strength. Other subjects also possible.

Ask prices and availability by sending an email to [email protected].

Online Expert Coaching Service for Teams

Based on monthly fee, this service provides online coaching via phone, instant messengers or video calls.


A full two-day or four-day workshop for teams. More info coming soon.

Team Leader

Timo Kettunen

Esports and gamer health professional and mastermind behind Gamer Health.

A published non-fiction author, public speaker, MSc in exercise medicine, BSc in pharmacy, qualified massage therapist, and nutrition coach. Numerous nutrition, movement and testing courses. Trained over 100 personal trainers.

Founder and CEO of Bono Health. Scientist and full-stack developer. Wellness influencer and blogger.


Gamer for over 30 years.

I support equality, so female gamers will always get a discount. I’ll do some charity lectures once in a while, but my time is very limited for those.


Not available for a month when Cyberpunk 2077 is released.

Future appearances
  • 24.07. Esports Joint Venture Conference at Berlin, Germany
  • 31.07. Private Esports Investor Event at Jyväskylä, Finland
  • 03.08. Assembly Summer 2019 ARTtech Seminar at Helsinki, Finland
  • More TBA

Team and advisors

To be announced. Advisor team contains numerous state-of-the-art professionals; a doctor, an olympic coach, an olympic weight lifter, a physiotherapist, nutrition professionals, personal trainers, psychologists, neuroscientists and a stress/heart rate variability specialist.

Check out Bono Health team and advisors from here.