Vilho Ahola

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Medical Advisor

MD, lifestyle and sleep medicine

Vilho has a background in the demo scene from his teen days and has been part of Assembly Organizing, starting as a van driver and a roadie, working his way up to production manager. Simultaneously he worked at F-Secure, developing antivirus products for such exotic platforms as OS/2, NEC-PC and EPOC. In 2000 he changed lanes and started his medical studies at the university of Helsinki.

Vilho is one of the pioneer of evidence based holistic health in Finland, working with athletes all the way to the Olympic level, with C-suite executives and professionals with high mental and physical performance demands. He combines multiple fields of expertise; specializing in occupational medicine, seeing the demands modern work and lifestyle puts on cognitive ergonomy; working in sleep medicine at Finlands top tier sleep clinic; doing a PhD in sports medicine about athletes sleep under the tutelage of Henri Tuomilehto; studying a professional coaching degree at the Sports Institute of Finland and coaching national level fitness ahtletes; holding the degree of a Fellow in sexual medicine from the European Union of Medical Specialists and with multiple psychotherapeutic courses under his belt Vilho has all that is needed for a truly comprehensive, evidence based approach to holistic health and performance.