Päivi Salminen

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Senior Advisor


Päivi Salminen is one of the founders at Harva Marketing, a company specialising in digital and event marketing. Harva Marketing is in charge of the renowned gaming promotions for HP’s Omen brand in Finland. Päivi started working in Marketing two decades ago doing sales promotions for companies such as EA Games, XBox, Playstation and Vivendi Games. Päivi currently specialises in content marketing and has a special passion for useful content and micro influencers, something she is herself through her minimalism blog.

Not satisfied with one profession, Päivi is also a yoga teacher. Working in the wellness industry she has seen all the good it can do, but also how some of its products soon become obsolete. It is this combination of full-stack marketing knowledge and quest for the genuine well-being of people that brought her to Gamer Health’s advisory board.