Gamer Health was born when the founder, Timo Kettunen, tried to get his son away from the computer and exercise at least a little bit. It is a globally common, difficult task, because games and fast food tend to be much more tempting than healthy habits. “Speak to the hand old man,” was the usual answer after each attempt to change the teenager’s lifestyle habits.

Then one day the son informed that he wants to go to a gym. Well, this is great news, Kettunen pondered, but what had changed? An influencer had told the son to do so and the very next day, he was indeed lifting some weight. But alas! Because no one guided this sit-a-lot, inactive teenager, he got a stress fracture in his spinal vertebrae.

And then, by the power of 30 years of gaming and 10 years of experience in exercise medicine, Kettunen got it; there should be an app that helps gamer kids and esports players change their habits, and guide them towards healthier lifestyle, by turning esports professionals to health influencers. Gamer Health – gamified, role-playing fitness app with a fan engagement twist was invented.

Gamer Health is more than an app – it is a way to change the perception of esports and turn the somewhat negative, pizza-eating, energy drink consuming and unhealthy image to a positive one.

And most importantly, Gamer Health will take care of every gamer irregardless of their age.

Timo Kettunen

CEO / Founder

Jyri Forsström

COO / Founder

Tuomas Soinne

CTO / Founder

Sari Kola

Leadership & strategy

Vilho Ahola

MD, Lifestyle and sleep medicine

Antti Merilehto

AI, public relations

Patrik Borg

Habit-based nutrition

Päivi Salminen


Mikko Mikkola

Legislation & contracts

Ulrika Lillsunde

Vegan & fitness coach

Anni Vuohijoki

Olympic weightlifter, coach

Katleena Kortesuo

Branding and public relations

Jussi Sarkkinen